Experiences and activities in contact with nature and with the simple and genuine life of the countryside.


In our farmhouse, love for the land and the animals, and the production of agricultural products harmoniously integrates with the hospitality we reserve for those who want to visit us.

You can socialize with our two donkeys Nina and Sole and learn to take care of them. 

In the educational garden and in the path along the surrounding countryside, you can visit agricultural productions, learn about farming practices, and experience what nature offers generously in the various seasons.

The orchard dedicated to ancient local varieties will be an interesting destination for those curious of botany and the rural civilization of Salento.


Masseria Galatea gives space to activities that promote the rediscovery of the beneficial relationship with nature. We produce self-production workshops for children and adults: using only spontaneous material and sourced from the surrounding flora (pine cones, sticks, leaves, flower heads, etc …), we produce creative things, organic detergents and natural cosmetics. Moreover, Galatea Masseria hosts solidarity projects and volunteer work, promoted by a network of non-profit organization that creates, on-site, social farming experiences. During the summer, yoga retreats and holistic wellness paths are organized.

With the collaboration of local associations, our guests can participate in trekking and cycling activities.


The farm has always been a place frequented by wild birds.

Goldfinches, sparrows, owls, hoopoes, kestrels, bats are just some of the birds that can eat from our mangers or find refuge in the artificial nests that we have built.

We wanted to create a hospitable place for these little friends, a privileged point for those who want to live experiences of nature observation.


Our double bedrooms are places of relax and comfort