In Apulia, Salento, Masseria Galatea Bed and Breakfast is first of all an hospitable, peaciful and reassuring place.

Masseria Galatea is a typical apulian farm house that leans its foundations on the same stone used for its imposing construction: the carparo. The glance is evident, the stone is dominant from every perspective.

The sea just few km, the centenary olives and the the quiet town of Alessano are the framework for this dwelling timeless, recovered by the time.

The swimming pool, the garden, the forms of stone, each element has been designed to impress the guest, to cheer his stay, to relax his mind.

Finally, a perfume constant and everywhere: spectacular caper plants bloom in the courtyard, whose beautiful and fragrant flower is the symbol of the Masseria.

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The bedrooms, once used like agricultural alcoves and stables for animals, went beck  to shine after a thorough and recent renovation.

Great walls of tufo, features vaulted ceilings and typical floors define interior spaces, giving to them protection  from the summer heat.

Furniture and accessories, made by skilled local artisans, color, embellish and give vitality to the environments.

Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere and the services of Masseria Galatea, discovering the beauties of  Salento, at few steps from the sea.